Masterchem Logoplaste Sp. z o.o.

Masterchem Packaging Factory is a leading manufacturer of PET packaging ( cosmetics, pharmacy, household chemicals, jars, food, alcohol, caps to all produced packaging, PET preform)

Masterchem Logoplaste Sp. z o.o.
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About us

Masterchem Packaging Factory is a leading manufacturer of PET packaging for the cosmetics industry and domestic detergents. Our comprehensive implementation of projects and development of packagings enables us offer the highest quality products and professional services, from graphic and technical 3D designing, building of forms, production based on injection moulds, blow-moulds and injection-blow moulds technology to the final product. Thanks to years of active and intensive company operations we can now be proud of our experience in the production of packages.

During those years we have become acquainted with the nature of the industry. Our specialists' knowledge and long experience in PET recycling with the use of modern technologies guarantee the highest quality and functionality of our products. Packages designed by our designers in cooperation with marketing specialists are sold across Europe.

Our company growth is supported by the expansion and modernisation of our machine park. Thanks to the latest investments in a machine park, production sites and warehouses we have increased our production capacity and the quality of our products. Our production sites feature dozens of numerically controlled automated machines equipped with packing and product tightness testing tables, manufactured by reputable western companies.

We also own up-to-date injection-blow technology developed by the Japanese Nissei company, which allows us to produce packages of complicated and sublime shapes that meet the highest requirements. Our standard offer includes non-coloured products. However, on client's request we can, after previous arrangements, use any chosen colour. We use liquid pigments and additives (UV filters) which guarantee high repeatability and quality of coloured products.